Polymer Parties was established and created in May 2014 by Lauren who has a passion for craft, creativity and colour! It started off small with making beads that her 4 year old LOVED watching her make and since then has enjoyed every moment. 
It began with hosting kinder sessions from home with her daughters friends, to then attending local markets + fairs around the Geelong Region including the Surfcoast and Bellarine Peninsula. Venturing around to the Mornington Peninsula and some Melbourne suburbs. Polymer Parties' name says it all, by using hand-made polymer clay beads by Lauren and hosting parties. If there wasn't a market to attend to, there was a party to host! 
In 2015 a group of Geelong based Mum's collaborated together to open "The Collective" which involved them as well as other women businesses around Geelong to band together to put their hand-made and/or home-made products into a shop front which they leased in Little Malop St, Geelong. Polymer Parties took part for several months until Lauren found herself co-managing a toy store in Newtown (Geelong) ran and owned by her Mum. Her parents had a new business venture to take over and therefore leaving Lauren to run the store. The shop sadly closed its doors in August 2016 and Lauren found some part-time work at Kaisercraft which is a Geelong born and bred craft and supplies business.
Juggling part-time work, markets, party hosting and a 4 year old, life was pretty busy!

Sadly it was time to pack up the clay baking and heading off to a full-time job. Miss 4 was now in primary school and Lauren had to fill in her time with something a little more structured. From March 2018 to August 2019 she worked as an Assistant Manager and loved every minute of it! Forming some great relationships with her colleagues to stepping up and working with a team. Leaving full-time work to start a new adventure, MOTHERHOOD, once again!

HELLO 2019!! Hello Covid Pandemic!
Everyone had been affected by this tragic pandemic one way or another. Lauren believed staying home with her children was vital, so she did, raising two children on her own and having a child doing remote learning, was by far the most important thing at that time.
March 2021, Lauren decided to reopen the doors to Polymer Parties with a bit of a twist this time. She began with creating acrylic rainbow bead packs (DIY) that involved making and designing your very own jewellery. This was just a starting point, till she found her love for polymer clay once again and now bakes some beautiful pieces for your ears! This is where the rebranding came about in March 2022- LOVE YA LOBES.