Polymer Parties Care Guide

Our gorgeous earrings are handmade and are fragile so please handle with care. We recommend that you don't get them wet, store in a cool dry place and don't expose to too much heat (heater,dryer, sunlight) for an extended period of time.

Earrings should NOT come into contact with lotions, perfumes and cosmetics. When you receive a pair of Polymer Parties earrings, carefully remove from the card with care. Holding and slowly sliding off the backing with your thumb and pointer finger, holding onto the earring. Gently remove when taking them off your lobes.
Give your earrings a shine and shimmer by using a damp cloth and gently wipe over.
*IMPORTANT NOTE* Polymer Parties Earrings are NOT a toy as they present as a choking hazard and NOT SUITABLE for small children. Only to be worn by and adult or supervised by one for the safety of others.