Since 2021 when Love Ya Lobes re-branded from Polymer Parties, changing direction from kids parties to making earrings, there was an opportunity to help those in need.
In 2021 someone very near and dear to me was diagnosed with cancer and in a space of 6 weeks, raised funds of $775 to go towards some special things for her, by making love heart studs in the colours that represented the cancer ribbons.
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In 2022, a couple of my friends received the heart-breaking news that their 6 year old son, Henry, was diagnosed with Leukaemia. I decided I would love to help raise funds by making some earrings, beaded bracelets, adjustable rings and magnets. Before Christmas 2022, we tallied up what had been sold through this website with funds of over $400. This goes to Henry to pick out something special for himself.

In April 2023, sadly little Henry passed away. Fly high darling boy!
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We're now closing in to the end of 2023 where we are taking part in another fundraiser for some friends of mine. Damien (whom of which I've been friends with for more than 20 years) and his wife Jess are wanting to help support Jess' Mum along her journey of colorectal cancer.

This is Rachael. Rachael is wife to Garry, mum to Sarah and Jess,mother in law to Declan & Damien and nanna to Ella, Olivia, Wilhemina & Juniper.
Rachael and Garry are kind and generous to a fault, and now it is them who are in need.
Rachael has been recently diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the bowel - stage 3 colorectal cancer. She has been experiencing incredibly debilitating symptoms for many months now, and upon finally being sent for a colonoscopy and referred on, has found that it has spread through the bowel wall and suspected lymph nodes.
They have been told that she is at risk of it spreading undetected to the liver and lungs, due to the spread through her bowel wall, and without chemotherapy this could develop for sometime before being picked up on scans.
We've listed these sets of earrings on the website to help raise funds for Rachael's journey. Every pair sold, 50% of that sale will be donated to the GoFundMe page that I've provided below. If you could help by purchasing a pair, if not making a small donation would be much appreciated! 💙